What We Believe

In a nutshell, we believe that human beings are capable of such awe inspiring acts of beauty, creativity, and love, but at the same time we are capable of such horrendous acts of brutality, selfishness, and evil.

We believe that there is something seriously wrong with the world. There is pain and suffering that come both in the form of natural disaster as well as the evil acts of individuals and groups of people.

The dividing line between good and evil doesn’t run through a particular nation, people group, or philosophy, but through every human heart. We all have standards of right and wrong that we hold others accountable to but, if we are honest, we all fail to uphold. We all hurt others and suffer hurts at the hands of others; we are all flawed.

We believe that God created us for far more than what we see and experience in the world.

We believe we were created for an intimate relationship with Him; to reflect His character and nature, which is perfect, to each other and to the creation that He has given us to rule over. However we have all fallen short of this by nature and by choice, and are separated from Him as a result.

God the Father sent God the Son in the power of the Spirit into human history in the person of Jesus to take upon himself all of our failings and the consequences of those failings, that we might be reconciled to a loving, eternal relationship with God, and a right relationship to each other and to creation.

As such we believe that Jesus, and therefore the Christian faith, provides the only real answers for the problems we see in the world and in our own lives. Jesus brings hope of true life and love as it was intended for us, and offers us all the opportunity to share in this free gift that He has earned for us.

Thinking Faith want to play our part in sharing this great news, with the joy of those who have received so great a gift, and with the humility of those who know that what we have received we did not earn.

As a Christian organisation we stand in the tradition of the Church born out of the Reformation. As such we hold to the classic creeds of the orthodox Christian faith namely the Nicene and Apostles creeds.

For a more comprehensive statement of our beliefs see our statement of faith here.

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